• SubUrban motorbike concept

  • Handle bar switches for BMW F650

  • PT system SlimRide MK1

  • Tractor concept for undisclosed client

  • Enduro bike concept for Casioveli

  • Biker home trailer concept

  • Controls for BMW C1

  • Driver safty screen for Evobus

  • Roll-up ute cover for Proform

  • Sport Caravan concept for Wilk

  • Naked bike concept for Aprilia

  • Caravan door lock concept for Zadi

  • Solar cruising boat study for FH Konstanz

  • Caran concept for Fendt

  • Luggage rack for BMW LT

  • Ute hardcover concept for Proform

  • Clay modeling MZ Baghira and MZ Mastiff

  • Driver area concept for Evobus

In the spotlight

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Design Thinking does not get you anywhere without Design Doing. It is a great approach to use techniques from design and social sciences to understand the market, user and your own brand better. But in the end someone has to convert all the great ideas into workable products, services and actions. This is where you still need highly skilled design experts says Oliver Neuland... READ MORE

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How to get started


Note down some keywords around your project.
Use Mind map template to get started (download here). Additionally compile some visual material explaining
your project or inspirations. 

Summarize essential information about the project you envision. This can be simply re-styling a product or technical concept, idea visualization, new product development, identify opportunities through market and trend reviews or new technology or material use. See project brief as a guide.

 Get in contact with us to arrange an initial free consultation and quote. Feel free to propose what the work would be worth to you - we will look into reasonable proposals if the challenge is interesting to us.

Arrange a kick-off workshop with all parties/people involved in the project to collect all existing information, ideas, want and needs. Invite at least a representative of decision makers and strategic leaders, marketing, product planning, engineering (R&D), production/manufacturing and design team. 

This will enable a flying start with clear communication and already a pile of feasible ideas to work on and test. We are trained moderators and enable a efficient and result-driven use of the groups time together.

Mindmap Project Brief K-WorkshoP