About us

OND is a industrial design and innovation consultancy based in Auckland (NZ) rooted in high quality German design traditions.

Over the last two decades OND and the founder Oliver Neuland have worked for many renowned companies and brands in the industrial goods and transportation industry (see references). Event and project management as well as trade fair appearances have also been part of the diverse work portfolio.

Before the studio was founded 1998 in Munich, Germany Oliver Neuland worked in the motorcycle industry (BMW/MZ) and the family furniture manufacturing and communication equipment business. 1999 the business relocated to the vibrant post-wall Berlin. In 2007 Oliver Neuland was appointed as Senior Lecturer at Massey University's industrial design and transportation design programme. Since then the studio operated from Auckland working mainly for European clients.

OND believes and cultivates the work in small flexible expert teams. For each project we select and utilize suitable partners from a excellent network of service providers and partners. Therefore our fees reflect the international standard, but do not cover large overheads and fancy design agency decoration, but essentials which get the job done professional and fast.

OND aims to be part of a long-lasting research and development partnership. We offer expert knowledge in industrial design, product innovation, visualization and enhancing creativity. We make sure the human/user side of interacting with products is as well considered as technical and financial ones.

We are not only concerned about the aesthetics of products, but also in how the product solves the users problems and serves their needs. How it works and feels while using it. How it explains its use. How it communicates your brand values to the user as well as its inner qualities. How it becomes an appealing and desirable object and suites its natural environment.

We bring understanding and experience with an wide range of products, technologies, manufacturing methods, testing tools and materials to a development team, supporting to find new and innovative yet feasible solutions. To sum it up: OND helps shaping unique products to suite the user, enhances the brand and creates profit for the manufacturer and distributing organisation.